Monday, 27 March 2017

two week wait countdown

The Two Week Wait can be hard!! Whether you've been trying natural or have needed medical assistance, the days waiting to take a pregnancy test can be awful. But they don't have to be - you can make them great (or at least a little bit better) by doing the things you love, trying something new, pampering yourself, spending time with your loved one & de-cluttering (you'd be surprised how good that makes you feel)!!

1:Start a New Book
The Invention of Wings
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Born a Crime
The Fair Fight
The Good Luck of Right Now
The Help
The Red Tent

2:Craft Night or Adult Coloring
Start a new Knitting, Crocheting or Sewing Project
Scrapbooking or Felt Craft
Make the Photo Book you've been meaning
Get yourself a coloring book and a new set of pens - come on you know you want to do it!

3:Toxic Free Mini Pedicure & Foot Massage (Get your partner involved)

4:Fertility Yoga & Meditation

6:Call you BFF & have a Chit-Chat

7:Date Night - 1/2 Way There

8:Watch your Favourite Movie

9:Bake Coconut Flour Muffins

10:Toxic Free Mini Manicure & Hand Massage (Get your partner involved)

11:Resist the Urge to Test! Clean out a Kitchen or Hall Cupboard

12:Write a letter (Pen & Paper) to anyone & post it!

13:Take a Walk Outside


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations - You Got This!

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