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"This was my “AHA” moment. This is when I realized I needed to make another change" - guest post by Jamey

I need to preface this post by mentioning I am not a dietician or nutritionist,
but I have a large understanding and deep knowledge of nutrition.
I also believe that a happy and healthy life is all about balance.

Anyone else here in a long-term relationship with a vicious cycle? No, I don’t mean your menstrual cycle, although having a vicious one of those could be a trigger for what I’m really talking about. The vicious cycle I am referring to is the one of eating crap, thus feeling like crap, and repeat. In my 20’s this was not an issue, but my 30’s is a whole different experience. Since turning 30 I would say I eat considerably healthy, especially compared to most people around me, so I didn’t think nutrition was much of an issue when it came to starting a family. Apparently I was wrong. Looking back I probably ate healthy 50% of the time with the other 50% being foods that I didn’t even realize weren’t “good” for me.

Here’s my long story short…
When we first saw our Reproductive Endocrinologist in March 2014, he told me I needed to stop running (see previous blog post) and change the way I eat. Our RE is a huge supporter of all things Paleo, and so is my husband. I, on the other hand, am not. I love me some carbs and dairy… CHEESE is real love. I did follow half of his advice; I quit running and focused on yoga and other fitness activities (I am also a Beachbody Coach now). But I just could not jump on the Paleo bandwagon

I stayed stubborn in my eating habits thinking that maybe if I just changed one major thing (the intensity of my workouts) that it would be enough to get pregnant on our own. As you may have figured out this did not happen. I did start to ovulate, but not regularly. (I mostly attribute that to the hysteroscopy our RE did in June 2014 when he discovered and removed my Stage I Endometriosis.)
Eventually my husband (a personal trainer and athletic coach) introduced me to Whole30.
If you haven’t heard of Whole30 it’s not a fad diet, but an elimination diet to learn and understand how certain foods (carbs, sugars, alcohol, dairy and legumes) affect YOUR specific body. As a scientist this intrigued me. The more I read the more I learned how these foods can cause “silent inflammation” in the body, therefore causing further health issues. What really stuck out for me was the list of these health issues because they listed infertility and PCOS (I have not been diagnosed with PCOS). According to the Whole30 book, these foods can cause inflammation in the intestines, thus causing hormonal imbalances which can cause infertility and PCOS. This was my “AHA” moment. This is when I realized I needed to make another change.

So my husband and I did Whole30 together in late 2014. It was a little difficult at first remembering all the rules and regulations, but after the first week it became almost intuitive. Yes, it was hard eliminating cheese and alcohol from my diet, but after that first week I noticed I was “lighter” and less bloated. What I love most about Whole30 is that there was no calorie counting! BOOM!! As the weeks went on I noticed that my clothes fit better and I had more energy. I felt great, but of course I really wanted my wine!   
Making better choices for true fertility health.
After the 30 days we slowly reintroduced these foods back into our diet. That is when the learning and understanding really set in. It became grossly obviously that I have sensitivity to dairy and gluten. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Not my beloved CHEESE! I was frustrated but also so excited that I finally figured out WHY I felt so blah after I ate some meals and not others.
So since then I have an 80/20 rule: I eat dairy-free and gluten-free 80% of the time… the other 20% I allot for my treats and my wine ðŸ˜Š. Life is all about balance. When I eat healthy I feel great. When I feel great I am less stressed. When I’m less stressed I make healthier choices. This is the cycle I want to be "stuck" in."

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Jamey is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but after graduating from Washington & Jefferson College in 2004 she decided she wanted to live at the beach. Jamey currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida, USA with her husband of 4.5 years and their adorable pug, Miss Boogers.  Jamey is a full-time Crime Scene Investigator, as well as a yoga teacher and health/fitness coach.  She dreams of owning her own yoga studio one day. Connect with Jamey:
Instagram @james82_ www.teambeachbody.com/jamers3111 and assidjl@gmail.com

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