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find your silver lining

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I have a feeling this is going to be a labour of love over the next few months and I’m excited to see it develop! I've been working hard making - designing - creating - writing in and doodling to get "Find Your Silver Lining" a 5 Year Positive Fertility Journal for all journeys ready to launch in support of NIAW week - FREE printables, to help keep you positive through what can be a really tough time.
Journaling has something I've done on and off since I was a little girl & started my first "Dear Dairy" - you know the one, all pink and came with a little lock that you had to put on & hide the key, so your big brother wouldn’t read it!! But as I look back through the 8 years of random unfinished DIY journals, it got me thinking about what I could have really used over my journey and this is what I came up with:

Firstly, it needed to manageable, so answering a simple question to get the pen flowing was perfect. Secondly I wanted it to be positive, because let's face it there's a lot of s*it days during this journey. Thirdly, there definitely needed to be space for all of the above: the day of the cycle - your mood - your movements – clean eating - vitamins - medications - appointments - to-dos & notes. So I started putting together a 5 year positivity journal. FIVE YEARS I hear you screaming, my (in)fertility journey surly isn't going to last that long!?!
1: I truly hope not.
2: I thought the same thing, but if I started this at the beginning of my journey I'd be 1/2 way through my second book.
3: I’ve designed this journal so you can keep using it if you take a break, use a donor or surrogate, adopt,  get pregnant and have a baby or decide to walk down a totally different journey in your life.

My random collection of "fertility" journaling over the years

This is how you use it:
A five year journal is, just as it sounds, a journal you keep for five years. In this 5 year you answer a question, writing down just one or two lines- a few minute of your time at the end of the day make you think of something positive about your day to go to bed on a happy note – that’s all it takes. The great part is that you record your answer in the same spot for five years, which is a great way to see where you were, how far you’ve come or where you need to improve. Also the benefits of writing what’s going on during your cycles, is you don’t have to wonder “did I feel this way last time” – it’s crazy what you forget on this journey!!

Each box has space to:
Answer the Question- simples
The Day – day of your Natural Cycle, Clomid days, IUI, IVF, FET, adopt process, Pregnancy days-weeks-months or simply what day of the week it is that year.
Your Mood – How you’re feeling physically and/or mentally
Your Movements – How you got some exercise in – a walk, yoga, the gym, a hike, cleaned the whole house, chased after 10 crazy kids or did 10,000 steps at work
Clean Eating – good or bad, what did you eat today
Vitamins – What vitamins you’re taking
Medications – What medications you’re taking (you can even fill this part in early to know when and what!)
Appointments – Doctors, Fertility Specialist, Scans, Operations, Test Days,
To-dos – Make appointments, Order Medication, take time for you or to be with friends and family, Get to the gym or yoga class – Anything & Everything!
Notes- This can be anything and everything you feel you need to add or make a note of in your journal.

This months printables:
Questions for April and May
5 different designs - 5 Box, 1 for each year
IUI, IVF & EFT - cut out banners and circles
for "highlight" days & moments
Natural & Clomid cycles - cut out banners and circles

for "highlight" days & moments

Use the cut out banners and circles
for "highlight" days & moments.
First Appointment - Blood Test - Sperm Test - Start Date - Scan Date - Follicle Count - Trigger Day - Egg Collection- Embryo Up Date - Embryo transfer - Insemination Day - Welcome Home - TWW Countdown - Official Test Day - BETA Count
Fertility Affirmations - Hello AF - Clomid DaysOvulation - LH Surge- Took a Peak and Tested Early - Rainbow BabyBFPBFN
(Donor, Surrogate, Adoption, pregnancy milestones and baby milestones coming soon)

2 ways to make it:
You’ll need a place to actually keep your journaling.  So you can use a cute pineapple binder (or any binder for that matter), a spiral bound or moleskin notebook (I got myself a yellow LEUCHTTURM1917). I would start out by doing a month at a time – you don’t want to overwhelm yourself and burn out before you get started (especially if you’re going to cut out the boxes and create a journal in spiral bound or moleskin notebook).  Set up your month by writing in the date and the question – you can doodle and add any extra bits as you go over the 5 years you’re going to do this- it doesn’t have to be perfect right now!!

If using a binder, simply print a month’s worth of sheets, write the date and question and you’re set – there’s a blank one if you want to doodle you’re self, but don’t want to do any of the cutting and pasting!
If you’re going to cut and paste into a spiral bound or moleskin notebook, print out enough squares to do a month for the first year, cut out and stick on and start doodling in each date and question. (We’ve got a great Pinterest Board with loads of inspiration).

 Once you’re all set up and running it won’t be so overwhelming (and maybe one day I put it all together in a premade book for true simplicity). But I have found this an incredible distraction and a great way to navigate my way through my (ballpark figure) 80th TWW. The HuffPost outlines 10 Surprising Benefits You’ll Get From Keeping a Journal – the highlights for me are Evoking Mindfulness, Achieving Goals, Emotional Intelligence, Strengthen Your Self-Discipline, Healing and Self-Confidence. I hope you find this journal this and so much more!

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