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"Don't Rush the Process" - guest post by Jamey

My Story

Sophomore year of high school I was anorexic. I was eating 500 calories a day and working out 2-3x a day. My hair was falling out and my hip bones were protruding, but at least I was skinny.
My mom realized something was wrong after about 6-7 months of not having a period, so I started therapy and a low-dose birth control pill.
I started to eat, but I was still afraid to be fat. So bulimia was my solution.
For years my weight fluctuated, which is evident in photos. It has taken years not to fear food; I still have bad days but I am now more knowledgeable about how food is fuel.

Fast forward to age 30. I finally have a healthy relationship with food and I really enjoy working out. I have done a full marathon and several half marathons plus a billion other races.
In October 2012, JT and I got married and wanted to start a family (I actually went off the pill that August). But it wasn't as easy as we had hoped.
After 3 cycles of IUIs and an HSG at one clinic we decide to switch doctors because the first guy just wanted to keep pumping me full of drugs without really understanding WHY we couldn’t conceive on our own.

We started at the Jacksonville Centre of Reproductive Medicine in March 2014, 5 days before my favorite 15k race here in Jacksonville, Florida: The Gate River Run.
The doctor looked at me and said, "You need to stop running and change the way you eat." Huh?! Here I thought running was amazing! I thought I was healthy. But he explained to us that being as an intense runner/exerciser as I was actually a detriment to my hormones… Oh, and I was actually malnourished! Me?! I love food! He told me to find less intense ways to workout (how I found yoga) and to eat a higher protein diet. I told him about my history of eating disorders and he said that's most likely where it all started. I had jacked up my hypothalamus at a time that hormone regulation was key.  Damn it!
Support - My Story - Miss Boogers

So I ran that 15k but haven’t run a race since.  I dove into yoga, even becoming a certified Yoga Teacher because not only was it good for my body, it worked wonders for my soul.  Through Teacher Training I learned to stop RUSHING this journey to get to the finish line (aka our baby). It taught me to enjoy these days we have as just the two of us because one day we won’t have them anymore.

I was also diagnosed with endo shortly after once he did an exploratory laparoscopy.  I was also diagnosed with the MTHFR mutation but they weren't too concerned about that as long as I took the vitamins/supplements they recommended. I've since had another IUI and 3 IVFs, all unsuccessful.  We are now exploring 3rd party donor options.

I used to think it was my fault; that my eating disorders caused this.  But I've learned nothing is guaranteed.  And I've also learned that this journey has been a blessing in disguise.  My husband and I are closer.  I've gotten to do a lot of travelling I wouldn't have done with a baby.  And I'm also healthier than ever.

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Jamey is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but after graduating from Washington & Jefferson College in 2004 she decided she wanted to live at the beach. Jamey currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida, USA with her husband of 4.5 years and their adorable pug, Miss Boogers.  Jamey is a full-time Crime Scene Investigator, as well as a yoga teacher and health/fitness coach.  She dreams of owning her own yoga studio one day. Connect with Jamey:
Instagram @james82_ and

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