Monday, 8 May 2017

The 30 Day Fertility Health Reboot Crash Course

If you're ready to take control click here and register.

Confused by Whole30 - Paleo - Keto - 5:2 - AIP - Macrobiotic Diet(s)

Not sure which one will work best for you or even how to start!?!


Have read The Better Baby Book or It Starts With an Egg and feel overwhelmed by it all!?!
Are you done with Slimming World and understand
that a Diet Coke is NOT a free sin & avocados will NOT make you fat!?! 
Do you want to take control of your fertility health, improve your egg quality
and  increase your chance of getting pregnant naturally or a successful IUI or IVF outcome,
but need support & guidance!?!
I've been there - it took me six years to figure out what fertility diet & lifestyle changes I needed to make to create my dream family. I've put 100's of hours - I've read the books and blogs, listen to the podcast and studied the ins and outs of how our bodies work - (I've got the f-ing T-shirt, that's for sure). I can help to guild you to find the best nutrition and lifestyle that you'll stick to and get you on a path to fertility success.
I see a lot of my #ttcsisiters wanting to take control of their fertility health, 
but feel so overwhelmed by it all! 
-what's right, what's wrong -
There's a lot of information out there and 
I'm here to help you navigate through all the BS.
Now is the time to take control &
learn about true fertility health
I've designed a 30 Day Reboot Crash Course to give you the knowledge & understanding you've been seeking for. We'll work on rewiring your brain and appetite and work on a manageable diet, no LIFESTYLE, that works best for your body & needs - we're not all the same, so why are we told there's one perfect fertility diet!?! Some will find success by abstaining from certain food, while other with be able to moderate their intake - you need to know which one works for you, and I'm here to help!

Mindfulness & Peace-of-being 

Through this course, you will:

  • have a health coach to help empower you to take ownership of your fertility health and create positive, lasting lifestyle changes that enhance what you do in the kitchen, gym and in everyday life.
  • learn about yourself, your habits, your strengths & weaknesses.
  • learn why it's important to find a diet that works for you during your fertility journey. 
  • learn about true health from an expert & learn that it is a step by step journey - you just don't become a clean eating mama over night. 
  • decrease your loneliness and feelings of isolation during this journey, by make new and lasting, connections within our tribe of #ttcsisters. 
  • feel supported, encouraged, inspired, motivated, guided and held accountable.
  • find more peace-of-being around what hurts (which is far different than “moving on”) and learn how to makes steps to finding peace within this journey. 
True Fertility Health

Over the 30 days:

  • you'll have Weekly live Q&A's.
  • be able to ask at any time, as many questions about the how's, what's, why's & when's relating to nutrition, diet, exercise and mindfulness.
  • Learn to rewire your brain and appetite, control your blood sugar levels and determine the foods that are right for your fertility health.
  • the ins and outs of clean eating and why GOOD FATS are so important.
  • get facts about, caffeine, gluten, dairy, soya, corn & why Low Fat is not the answer!
  • how to use herbs & supplements as support & most importantly making sure you're choosing the right ones. 
  • why over thinking your infertility may be doing more harm than good & how to take steps to have a more positive mindset. 
  • daily inspiration and motivation.
  • group support from the other beautiful ladies. 
  • access to the best of the best podcast and blogs.
  • the best excerpts from forward thinking books nutrition, diet, exercise and mindfulness.
  • on the last day of the course session, you’ll receive an invitation to the private alumni page, for free ongoing support & community. 

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